4th Physics Fight ongoing right now

As always at an IYPT, time is passing incredibly quickly. Actually, the tournament is almost over already…well, three of the five Physics Fights are over, with the fourth one happening as I’m typing. One more is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and then the hard work will be over for most of the teams – except for the three (or four) teams who will fight in the finals. It looks like it’s going to be yet another Asian dominated final this year, but let’s see what round four and five will bring.

The Austrian team has been doing quite well up to now, but of course (as always) with some room for improvement for the remaining rounds. We had some quite inhomogeneous marks in yesterday’s fight, with a 10 and a 4 for the same Review performed by Paul. This illustrates quite well how much the final results depend on the jury members’ opinions, but that’s how jury decisions work.

For me as a juror, the first two fight days have been extremely exhausting, and I’m quite happy to have this morning off. I have chaired three fights aready, one of them with four teams, and of course I try to do my job as well as possible in order to pay respect to the hard work the students have been doing for months. That means paying attention to literally everything going on in a fight room, including chatting jurors, passing lawn mowers just in front of the open windows and sufficient water supply for my fellow jury members. As a reward, however, I’ve been very lucky to see some very good performances and solutions to many different problems.

Apart from the hard work, the team seems to be having fun – at least the girls were giggeling for most of the time during dinner yesterday night. The more senior (i.e. old) part of the Austrian delegation had an enjoyable chat with IYPT friends later that night over some wine, catching up with what has happend since the IYPT 2013 in everyone’s lives.

While I’m finishing my coffee, Tim and Georg are probably extremely busy preparing results for round four – looking forward to seeing them!

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