The Lion

Now that the tournament is over, at least for our team, we have time to share some insights on Shrewsbury’s most peculiar hotel: The Lion. Not only everyone mentioned in the city tour seems to have spent a night there (including, maybe, Charles Darwin, who is believed to have spent the last night before his departure for his well known five years’ journey in that hotel, even though there is no sea access anywhere closeby), it also appears that the moment Darwin has left, evolution has stopped. The following sign was found on a pub around the corner, but perfectly fits to The Lion as well:


To get from the lobby to our room, we have to open 5 fire doors, walk 92 steps, 24 of which are stair steps, and pick the correct way at junctions 4 times. I’m not going into detail on showers, sinks, air conditioning, wifi, or breakfast, but we’re fairly confident that all of that was very advanced at Darwin’s time.

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